It was with delight and then sadness that I finally found some information on Bob only to learn he died in 2007.

I met Bob as a cub reporter helping him cover the provincial PC convention in 1971 that saw Bill Davis win. I was a news writer and reader at Radio York who also happened to be a student of karate. As only Bob could see things he say my karate skills as the biggest asset for the convention.

When I graduated university I had a spot at CHUM, one of Bob's clients, but the family business called and I left active journalism. Bob continued to be a part of my life as he and Lisa lived quite close. I remember Robbie and one daughter of I think two named Dana.

When I met my future wife she decided to go back to U of T and study PoliSci and Bob was a great resource for her essays.

When I was around Bob I drank too much, smoked too much, but laughed and learned from him and his experiences.

Robert was a little self destructive as he never, in my opinion, ever finished the implementation of some of his fabulous ideas. Sadly I lost touch with him and neither I nor John Burke, ex Global Ottawa also a student of Bob, could find out where he was.

I still think of him from time to time and that is the best legacy anyone can have to still be on someone's mind after so many years. If there is ever a Bob Carr gathering please let me know. I don't smoke anymore but I might be coaxed to raise a glass or two in his honour.


at the mountain, Ernie McCay
A note from former radio announcer Ernie McCay August 24, 2012.