To: Cal Millar
From: Bud Riley
September 26, 2014

Correct me if I am wrong but I recall in the early 80s when you brought me a
​CJRT-FM interview with a Canadian-born American police officer who founded the Crime Stoppers system in the U.S. He was in Toronto to set up the Crime Stoppers system here.

To: Bud Riley
From: Cal Millar
September 27, 2014

Bud, yes, I had forgotten that.
Greg MacAleese, the police officer who founded Crime Stoppers, came to Toronto from Albuquerque , New Mexico to launch the program here.

Greg wrote the foreword to the book and he and I are currently working on a history of Crime Stoppers. The title will be – Crime Stoppers: The Real Story.

It was in July 1983 when you did the interview and it’s probably one of the purest versions of how Crime Stoppers started. Through the years there has been a lot of embellishment as the story is told and retold. That’s why we are working on the book to make sure factual information is retained.

Thank you for reminding me and I very much appreciate you posting information regarding the book.


Though retired, Cal is becoming a most prolific non-fiction writer. He has many projects in the works but one of the most important of them is described in this e-mail exchange below: