From Ted Yates:

​​Here is a great radio timepiece from 1985...CHSC-CHRE A DAY IN THE LIFE from department to department from two former CHSC personalities Peter Borbely and uploaded by Peter Murray of Omni Media:

This video features over 20 staff members, including on air talent in order of appearance: John Larocque (voice), Jay Jackson, Bob Privett, Peter  Borbely,Laurie Walsh, Norm Taylor, Cliff Materne, Ted Yates (at 6:45) in discussion with GM Jay Jackson, John Larocque, Karl Edmunds, Don Gordon, Frank Fanstone, Bob McGregor and Mike Matthie. What a great trip back in radio time!

Take a look at the old radio equipment and typewriters. The way we were 30 years ago.
Watch for Jack Jackson, Peter Borbely and Don Gordon