About the Authors

Roderick Stewart and Sharon Stewart, the co-authors of Phoenix: The Life of Norman Bethune, are historians by training and share an interest in biography.

Roderick Stewart, a former teacher of history, is the author of Bethune (New Press 1973), the first full-length documented biography of Norman Bethune. He is also the author of The Mind of Norman Bethune (revised edition Fitzhenry and Whiteside 2002) a compilation of Bethune's writings and of many photographs, and Norman Bethune (revised edition Fitzhenry and Whiteside 2002), a biography intended for high school students. His most recent work on Bethune prior to the publication of Phoenix was Bethune en Espana (Fundacion Domingo Malagon 2009), which he wrote with Jesus Majada Neila. In addition, he has written Wilfrid Laurier: A Pledge for Canada (XYZ Publishing 2002). The latter, short-listed for the Norma Fleck Award, has been translated into French as Wilfrid Laurier: Oeuvrer Pour L'Unite du Canada.

Sharon Stewart is a professional editor and the author of seven novels, many of them historical fiction. She has also published a book of short stories and the biographies Norman Bethune, Heroic Doctor (Pearson Education Canada 2005) and Louis Riel: Firebrand (XYZ Publishing 2007), which has been translated as Louis Riel: Homme de Feu. Several of her other books have also been translated into French and other languages.

The Stewarts live and write in Richmond Hill, Ontario. They are available to give a 45 minute presentation/reading about Phoenix and Norman Bethune.

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