From a SportsNet article by announcer Paul Jones, the voice of the Toronto Raptors Jan 6, 2010


With Canadians still smarting over the loss to the USA last night in the World Junior Hockey Championships, it was a fun evening as the traveling broadcast members gathered to watch the game.

We headed out to a spot to catch the hockey game and for me, wanting to keep an eye on the Orange Bowl and the Orlando vs. Indiana match up, the sports bar we ended up at was the perfect spot. The Raptors coaching staff also happened to be there doing their scouting report and watching the game.

When the Indiana win was completed and Marc Iavaroni gathered up his thousands of sheets of paper, the attention shifted to the hockey game. Mind you, the people in the bar, including some of the coaches were oblivious to the IIHF Championship but after Canada scored first and a roar went up in the bar, the American patrons started to ask questions. Well, by the middle of the third period, all anybody in the joint cared about was the hockey game. It was funny to see the reaction of Alex English, who was also celebrating his birthday, and Iavaroni to goals by Uncle Sam`s boys. There were chants of USA, USA and high fives, with Jack Armstrong, Matt Devlin, assistant coach Eric Hughes, and media relations director Jim LaBumbard, although as a Canadian citizen LaBumbard was slightly torn over who to cheer for at times.

The roars subsided when Canada tied the game but in the end, many Americans left the establishment smiling over a game they didn't know was happening. As for the Canadians, some from the MLSE front offices and those of us on the media side that travel with the team, it was not good. TV Director Troy Clara will have to pay up his end of the bet he made with Matt Devlin by wearing some USA Hockey gear. If you know Troy, a good ol Northern Ontario boy, he is not a happy camper.